Why Parental Monitoring Software is The Only App You Really Need For Your Child.

A phone monitoring app is key to keeping kids safe online. It will be an extra set of eyes for parents giving them peace of mind and safe surfing for kids while they are discovering and learning the digital world. Millions of apps are available in the market nowadays, and one of the most needed is parental monitoring software. Whether parents admit it or not, only a few really know what their child is doing or watching on their mobile devices. We simply cannot supervise every moment they’re online on their own. They could be browsing unsuitable content, exchanging inappropriate text messages with strangers, viewing inappropriate photos or videos, being bullied or any other online threats. With Auto Forward, you need not worry about your kid’s safety anymore. It will allow you to monitor them remotely. Helping you and your children in balancing their real and online lives.

It Enables You to Check Text Messages

When we give our kids access to phones and text messaging, it’s like opening them up to the world of danger. It is not enough to have a good conversation about proper usage, giving limits and expectations. 

Have a Safe Web Browser that Blocks Access to Inappropriate Content.

Technology can be addictive and distracting. And as soon as your kids go online, it is difficult to monitor the internet usage that could expose them to inappropriate content such as mature games, porn (photos and videos). For teens, this could lead to a change in their behavior that could lead to going out late, drinking alcohol, or worst doing drugs or criminal acts.

Auto forward can help you limit and prevent access to specific websites your kids can search from any browser in case they stumble across this type of unsuitable content before it reaches the point that it is already out of control.

Keep Your Kids Safe!

Take advantage of using Auto Forward to give you a better understanding of what websites and programs your kid is using.