The Return of the Holiday Family Newsletter

Do you remember when family newsletters were popular holiday items? Well, you might not believe it but family newsletters are making a big comeback. As a holiday trend, the family newsletter is replacing those fancy holiday cards and social media status updates that take the place of actual snail mail cards. People are once again taking the time to craft fun newsletters that will let their friends and family know what each member of the family is up to these days. And with modern technology, these newsletters aren’t just simply cut and paste jobs anymore. They are highly polished pieces of art with original artwork, high style, and lots of colors.

Post a Family Selfie

I first found out about this trend on Pinterest, of course, and I was really excited to try my hand at creating our own family newsletter this year. I love the idea of sending a real printed newsletter to my friends and family members instead of a cold holiday card that has a generic signature on it. And I hate it when people don’t even bother to send cards and just post a family selfie on Facebook or Instagram and that is supposed to be a blanket holiday greeting to everyone.

Inspirational Quotes

So I wanted to really go all out on our family newsletter. I let each person in the family have one page for their own. So our newsletter was five pages because I had a page, my husband had a page, and each of our kids had a page. And on the back cover, I put holiday greetings from our cat and our dog. I let each person decorate their page the way they wanted. Each page had a little paragraph with an update about that person’s big accomplishments during the year or a goal they achieved or something special that happened to them. And the rest of the page they could fill the way they wanted. I put inspirational quotes on my page. My husband put some artwork he had done. And the kids put in doodles and other little things.


When I had everyone’s pages ready to go I printed them off in color and then collated them all. Then I made a cover and a back for each newsletter out of a piece of cardboard. That was wrapped in Christmas gift wrap so it looked festive and fun. I used stitch binding to bind the newsletter with the Christmas wrapped cover. And back and then tied the whole thing together with matching holiday ribbon. It looked beautiful but I will admit it was a lot of work. If you want to do something simpler you can just print the newsletter and staple it together or tie together with ribbon. You don’t have to make a cover.

Your friends and family members will love getting a real printed newsletter. That will give them updated on your family instead of having to get updates from social media. Try making your own family newsletter this year.

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