Staying in Shape This Summer

Staying in Shape

So now it’s summer, the weather is hot and your wearing shorter clothes. How do you stay in shape all summer? I am here to help with my tips for looking and feeling good all summer. There are many fun and easy ways to keep fit. Some are food related and others are outdoor activities that you would be doing anyway. Read these tips for staying in shape before your next road trip with kids.


staying in shape
Go to the beach and play volleyball

Play Volleyball

I think people underestimate how intense of a sport volleyball is. Running on the sand is a lot harder than on pavement. That in itself is a workout for your legs. Take a break from cell phone spying on your ex. If you play the game right, your forearms will be red from hitting the volleyball so much. Not to mention this a great way to spend time with friends. 

Go Swimming

Another summer sport is swimming. Someone people don’t think of swimming as workout, but it does a lot of good for your body. When you go swimming you are engaging your arms, core muscles and legs. It’s a full body workout yet it feels much easier than in a gym. Not only is it worthwhile for your health, but swimming is so refreshing and enjoyable in the summer.


staying in shape
Eat fruit like berries during the summer

Eat Fresh Fruit

When it’s hot out you may be tempted to have ice pops or ice cream. But those foods are full of artificial sugar. If you still want something sugary but not as bad, try fresh fruit. Cold fruit like berries or watermelon are so delicious in the summer. Some people even freeze grapes and eat them at the beach. Some fruits taste even sweeter than candy yet are so much healthier. Fruits like watermelon are also very hydrating when eaten in the summer.

Sparkling Water

If drinking water is difficult for you try sparkling water. Sparkling water tastes amazing and is way healthier than bottled soda. One can of Coke has 39g of sugar. There are many subtle flavors like Raspberry or Kiwi that make sparkling water better. Some people drink a gallon of water a day while others struggle to drink a bottle. But during the summer when we are sweating and losing fluids, we must drink water. If you enjoyed this, check out my last post about the benefits of being outdoors.