Raising a Drug-Free Child

The illicit drug menace has through the years destroyed many lives of the young and old, wrecked families, shattered dreams of people you know or you might not know. The problem is so real. It remains to be one of the most dreaded problems of society facing us today. So the question is: How do we raise a drug-free child?

Here are some tips to keep your kids off drugs…

Be Vigilant

Vigilance will do you any good when addressing the problem of drug addiction, especially to your children. Be alert to what kids are using and experimenting nowadays. Drugs through the years have continuously evolved into many forms. What might look innocent to you could actually be something very dangerous to your kids. So always be vigilant.

Be Real and Sincere

When it is about drugs you have to be really true and talk openly about the dangers of drug abuse to your kids. Be sincere to them. Give them examples of real-life people that were negatively impacted with the illegal drugs. The rich people who became addicted to crack and now lives like a vagabond. The A-student who uses and sells shabu and now languishes in jail. There are too many to mention. The point is, make sure your children know you’re genuinely concern about the drug problem and that the outcomes of drug abuse are as real as it gets!

Be the Gatekeeper

If it is about your kids, there is no such thing as “kids being kids,” when it comes to drug addiction. It’s common knowledge that drugs such as alcohol and marijuana are often called gateway drugs. Kids who later become ravaged with drug addiction most times started with these. These “lesser drugs” as you might call it, will, later on, be an abuse on such powerful drugs as crystal meth. Prevent the problem before it even starts. Be the gatekeeper.

As an extension of this role, it is also vital that you know who your kids spend their time with. Know the people in your children’s lives. The other kids they hang out with. Try to meet their parents. Talk to them. Along the way, always trust your parental instinct; are these the right kind of people for your kids to be around with?

Be the Role Model

Just don’t do drugs! That’s all that matters! Be the role model to your kids. And while showing your clean image to your kids, educate them as much as you can about the perils of drug addiction. Talk to them about the harmful things drug abuse will do to their lives. But also make sure that they understand that illegal drugs are real, and they will encounter drugs, in doing so, they should be provided with the foundation to resist the temptation. To say no, period!

Provide a Solid Foundation

Addressing the problem of drug addiction starts at home. Provide a solid foundation for your children through a stable and secure home. Treat them with respect and decency. Create an atmosphere full of love, self-respect, trust, and care so that the children will feel comfortable to say anything and everything to you. As parents, it’s your paramount duty.

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