Getting a Fitbit Changed My Life

Getting A Fitbit 

My parents are getting a Fitbit for my birthday since they know I’m into fitness. When I started reading about all the different things that a Fitbit tracks, I was definitely excited. From the heart rate tracker, the goal tracker and the step tracker, I knew this was perfect for me. Since I already have an Apple iPhone, I thought why not add it to my technology collection. This product tracks your physical activity and supposedly encourages you to be more active. 


getting a fitbit
Purple Fitbit

So I strapped on my Fitbit and started moving. It’s amazing to monitor my blood pressure while being out and active This will be especially useful when running on the treadmill or lighting weights. I love keeping track of things whether it’s meal prepping or my blood pressure so this is starting well. Since my parents were getting a Fitbit on Amazon they made sure to listen to phone calls from the seller. 

Set Your Goals

After getting a FitBit I started setting goals every week. The instant feedback from my Fitbit motivated me to achieve these goals. Instead of watching TV, I started doing workouts around the house. Whether lifting weights on a chair or walking in place, I was staying active. By the end of the first month, I had increased my daily activity by almost half. 


getting a fitbit
Running with a Fitbit

Be In The Know

Another thing I discovered was how popular Fitbit’s are becoming. I always wanted to be part of a health-conscious community. And with social media, it’s even easier. I started challenging my friends to do more steps around their house and outdoors. Within six months, I had doubled my exercise activity every day. Also, I was walking that distance regularly. Improve your health and have fun with a Fitbit. If you enjoyed this, check out my last post about the benefits of being outdoors.