My Fitness Approach

This is the place to talk about what drives you and motivates you every day. For me, that passion is fitness and eating healthy. I recognize that we are only given one body for this lifetime. So why not take the absolute best care of it. That way you can maximize your quality of life.

This picture to your left is of me working out. I didn't want to show my face since I am sweating like crazy. The bar on the ground shows that to start something in life, you must first pick it up. The only way to improve yourself is by sometimes stepping out of your comfort one.

On this blog I will give you tips for healthy living both mentally and physically. In addition, I will take you with me on my fitness journey. This year I decided to start a blog to coach people on what they want to improve. Whether that is fitness, health or love.


Meet the Life Coach


Thor Teagan


Hi my name is Thor, I know it sounds like that guy from Marvel. Thats because I did name myself after him. My true name is Arnold, but Thor sounds much cooler for a life coach. Since I have great hair like Chris Hemsworth, I thought it worked. Also I am really into fitness and staying in shape like he is. Anyway my passion is good health and wellness. Read my blog to make better decisions in your life.